We are a more raw market research company that gets you to the truth!

Understand your true

With a tried and true framework to find any company’s market driven value proposition we help companies and sales organisations become more raw! We make sure that our clients sell the right thing, to the right people, in the right way.

We are more raw

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We ask three scientifically-proven “more raw” questions that help you understand your reality better:

  • Why do your clients buy from you?
  • How content are your clients in terms of the proven net promotor score kind of way?
  • What do you need to improve your status quo from a client and employee perspective?

Real Feedback

Empirical Data

Faster Growth

From your employees, customers and market.

We ask real people to get real feedback and real data.

Based on our interviews we provide you with real answers that leaves out the guesswork.

By leaving out the guesswork we put your organization on track to sell better and grow faster.

What others say

Kenneth Codam

Partner, Catman Solution

"We got a lot of valuable knowledge from the analysis. Also, it created great spirits in the office that almost all of customers would recommend us to others. I can highly recommend BMoreRaw."

"Surprisingly positive results. BMoreRaw helps us drive business development and sales smarter. It's simple and yet it yields some surprisingly positive results."

Morten Øllgaard

CEO, Clearview Trade

“BMoreRaw gets the best recommendation from all us at EkkoApp! We used BMoreRaw to conduct a customer analysis and the result - with one of the highest satisfaction score BMoreRaw has ever seen - has created a great atmosphere in the office."

Henrik Jensen

CEO, Ekko App

Other more raw companies

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Our interviews are based on our well proven questionnaire, and we use our own software technology to compile and present our findings in a report and on a workshop. In this unique offer we compile learnings from more than 40 client interviews.

You Market Driven Value Proposition

A better foundation for making better decisions for your company.

Become more market driven.

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